Solutions for WET Labs

Our unique position in the industry, vast experience, and lab-tailored services allow us to provide an uncommon level of convenience and value for environmental testing laboratories that need a routine or emergency supplier of superior-quality aquatic indicators for WET testing.

A Uniquely Qualified Supplier

Our staff includes full-time aquaculturists with real experience performing aquatic toxicity tests.  They have an understanding of the type, quantity, and age of each species needed for every test type.  Further, all organisms are cultured specifically for use in WET testing and regularly used in our commercial laboratory.  Consequently, quality is monitored closely, and problems dealt with swiftly and thoroughly.  Our facility, systems, and records also undergo routine NELAC inspection.

Services Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Finding a suitable source of healthy indicators is a major step toward optimizing lab performance.   We know and understand how time consuming and frustrating this process can be.  Because of this, we provide the following conveniences to help you solve this critical part of the puzzle:

  • Proactive analysis and scheduling of organism orders to ensure the right age organisms are available when needed
  • Guaranteed live arrival and satisfaction
  • SRT test data for each species
  • Consistent availability of typical test species
  • Salinity acclimated mysids and Menidia available with notice
  • Healthy, genetically-diverse, taxonomically identified cultures
  • To your door shipping, six days per week, including Saturday

Test age species available for immediate shipment include:

We also offer the following support products:


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