Menidia beryllina

Scientific name: Menidia beryllina
Common name: Inland silverside

Mendia beryllina, Inland Silverside

Physical description: Adult Menidia beryllina attain a total length of up to 117 mm.  Females are generally slightly larger than males.

Ecology: Silversides occur in estuaries along the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific coasts.

Uses in Aquatic Toxicology: Menidia beryllina are the current EPA-approved marine vertebrate used in both acute and chronic toxicity testing.  In acute toxicity testing, one to 14 day-olds are used and survival is recorded.  In chronic toxicity testing, seven to eleven-day olds are used and survival and growth are recorded.

Other Uses: Silversides have been used as a forage species for game fish and as a biological control for reducing gnat and midge populations.  They are also often used as a bait fish.

Ordering Information:

  • Eight to thirteen-day (fourteen-day upon arrival) Menidia are usually on-hand for immediate shipment.
  • For orders of salinity adjusted (salinities other than 20 ppt) Menidia, we suggest a two-day lead time.
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Additional Resources:
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