Pimephales promelas

Scientific name: Pimephales promelas
Common name: Fathead minnow

Fathead minnow, Pimephales promelas

Physical description: Adult fathead minnows are small in size and can range from 43 to 102 millimeters in length, although the average length is 50 millimeters.  Mature males have nuptial tubercles and an elongate pad extending in a narrow line from the nape to the dorsal fin.  The sides of the bodies of males become almost black except for two wide vertical bands which are light in color.  The females are drab in comparison.

Ecology: The fathead minnow is a freshwater fish widely distributed in the United States and it is usually found in brooks, ponds, and small lakes.  The species is tolerant of high turbidity, high temperatures, and low oxygen concentrations.

Use in Aquatic Toxicology: Pimephales promelas is the EPA recommended vertebrate species for freshwater chronic toxicity tests.  In these test, larvae are exposed for seven days to different concentrations of effluent or to receiving water.  Test results are based on the survival and weight of the larvae.

Other Uses: Fathead minnows are widely used as a bait fish and as feeders for aquarium fish.

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  • Less than 24-hour to thirteen-day (fourteen-day upon arrival) fathead minnows are usually on-hand for immediate shipment.
  • For orders of chronic aged fatheads, we suggest a two-day lead time.
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