Americamysis bahia (Mysidopsis bahia)

Scientific name: Americamysis bahia
Common name: Opossum shrimp, Mysid shrimp, Mysids

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Americamysis bahia (Mysidopsis bahia), Mysid shrimp, Mysids

Special note: Mysidopsis bahia was renamed Americamysis bahia.

Physical description: Adult mysids range in length from 4.4 mm to 9.4 mm.  Living mysids are usually transparent, but may be tinted yellow, brown, or black.  Females are usually larger than males, and sex can be determined when a body length reaches 4 mm. 

Ecology: Mysids are small shrimp-like crustaceans found primarily in the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern coast of Florida.  They commonly occur at salinities above 15-ppt and are found in greatest abundance at salinities near 30-ppt. 

Culture and Care: Stock cultures may be maintained in continuous-flow or closed recirculating systems. 

Use in Aquatic Toxicology: Americamysis bahia is currently the primary estuarine species in toxicity testing.  It is used in both acute and chronic tests.  In acute testing, one to five day old Mysids are used and survival is recorded.  In chronic toxicity tests, seven-day old Mysids are used to test survival, growth, and fecundity.

Other Uses: Used as a live food source for seahorses, seadragons, and pipefish.

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