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Artemia Production for Marine Larval Fish Culture
Source: Southern Regional Aquaculture Center, Author: Granvil D. Treece, Date: October 2000
This publication describes the process of hatching Artemia cysts for use as larval food for cultured species, and the benefits of Artemia as a food source.

Additional Articles

Culture of Small Zooplankters for the Feeding of Larval Fish
Source: Southern Regional Aquaculture Center, Authors: Granvil D. Treece and D. Allen Davis, Date: October 2000
In nature, zooplankton is one of the primary foods of larval fish. Two of the dominant zooplankton groups are Rotifera (rotifers) and a sub-class of the Crustacea, Copepoda (copepods). These two groups are the preferred prey for shrimp and fish and are the live feeds used most often by culturists.

The Role of Stress in Fish Disease
Source: Southern Regional Aquaculture Center, Authors: R.W. Rottmann, R. Francis-Floyd, and R. Durborow, Date: February 1992
Physiological stress and physical injury are the primary contributing factors of fish disease and mortality in aquaculture.

Raising Mysid Shrimp as a Home Aquarium Food
Source:, Author: Jay Hemdal - Aquarium Curator, The Toledo Zoo, Date: 2002
Various species of Mysid shrimp, also known as opossum shrimp, have been collected or cultured as a live food for aquatic animals which prefer living foods, such as seadragons, seahorses and pipefish... The method described can produce over 2000 Mysidopsis bahia per week with a time investment of less than 45 minutes per day.


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